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    Pastry / Bakery Cook Commis I cN

    • ǼƵ  |
    • 150-500  |
    • 2023-02-03

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    Prepare food in accordance with portion and quality standards specified in recipes.


    Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.  



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    Aloft Shanghai Zhangjiang Haike sits on an unparalleled geographical location. Conveniently located in the Pudong District nearby Zhanghjiang Hi-Tech Park, and is only an easy 5-minutes’drive from the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Station Shanghai Metro Line 2; and the 5-minutes’ walk from the Zhong Ke Road Station Shanghai Metro Line 13. Disney land is 10-minutes’ driving range from the hotel.

    Check out our 191 bright and airy, high-tech yet comfy guest rooms. “Nook” all day dinning serves delicacy; meet and Mix at WXYZ bar. Total gross meeting space is over one thousand square metres host a stylish meeting or celebration in our 520 sqm grand ballroom or a gathering in one of our 4 sleek meeting space.

    At Aloft Hotels we’re wired for next generation travelers who love open spaces, open thinking, and open expression. Aloft provides a space where style is necessary, social scenes are vibrant, and where the only direction is forward. We understand what our guests need, so we provide an affordable option for the tech-savvy design guru. We’re looking for innovative self-expressers who aren’t afraid to draw outside the lines. If you are someone who appreciates tech-forward features and vibrant social scenes, then we invite you to explore a career with Aloft Hotels.

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